This is a new two level space situated right next to Zouk. A large spacious space that will have you dancing in virtually every area bathed in the inviting imagery of music videos and visuals coming from more that 20 screens!! A VIP deck and balcony suite overlooks the ground floor area.

What is the main idea/concept behind this room?
Phuture is going to be a brand new club. Situated just behind Zouk, it takes up approximately half of the old Zouk main room floor space. Phuture is a dedicated R&B club. This is a major departure from the original club thinking. A club dedicated to all the fans of this genre which is one of KL’s most popular types of music will appeal to a broad cross section of everyday clubbers.

How was the name derived and what is the significance?
Phuture is the third room in Zouk Singapore. The name is a derivation of the word future. It represents a forward thinking approach which is the current ethos for this club. The city’s premier music policy dedicated club.

How does the decor/ID reflect the spirit of the room?
As with Zouk there will be a multitude of LEDs and plasmas complementing the sound to blow everyone’s senses away. There will be many seated areas and lounges throughout the club. The dance floor is smaller and more intimate which lends itself to the music policy. The club will also have a higher floor that overlooks the dancefloor.

What should I be wearing, so I can look my best?
Your very best partying clothes. Phuture is all about looking good because you never know when you might meet the guy / girl of your dreams! Smart but casual with just a little bling to stand out

Who will this room appeal to?
Young smart and upcoming citizens of the city. Cool and savyy college and university students who know about the latest parties and coolest trends. Key opinion makers and social group leaders from the office, the college and social circles.

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